An award winning Writer & Director with a background in Art and Film Philosophy, I graduated with a BA Hons from UWE Bristol and in 2014, I graduated from the Met Film School with a Masters in Film Directing.
I have worked on television, corporate videos and feature film productions in different roles – camera operating; editing; and storyboarding. I've directed short films (live action/animation) some of which have won awards and been selected at prestigious film festivals including BAFTA qualifying film festivals. In March 2017, Listen To Me won Shooting People's Film of the Month competition. In 2018, Being Wild a short film made in 60 hours won awards for Best Short Film and Best Director at the Royal Wolf Film Awards in Los Angeles, USA. In March 2018, a web series called Dreaming Whilst Black was released online, I directed the 4th episode titled; "Family Dinners", which went on to win Best UK Series at UK WEB FEST 2018 as well as many others.
In 2019, I brought my award winning screenplay Living in Crime Alley (A Batman Story) to life and it screened at the British Film Institute (BFI). The film was released online in December 2019.
My favourite and influential filmmakers are Christopher Nolan, Billy Wilder, Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock. On a personal note, I am a former Starbucks Barista champion.
Notable companies that I've worked for include: Channel 4, Warner Bros Russia/Karo Premier Distribution, High Life Productions, TMP Worldwide UK, People Scout, Coca Cola, NHS, Sainsbury's, First Attendance Ltd, The Haemophilia Society, On UnCommon Ground: An LGBT organisation and many more.



OFFICIAL SELECTION - Fan Film Awards 2020

- Nominated Best Film & Best Director

OFFICIAL SELECTION - IndieBOOM! Film Festival 2019

OFFICIAL SELECTION - *WINNER* Shooting People; Film of the Month, March 2017 - Listen To Me

OFFICIAL SELECTION - BAFTA Recognised - London Short Film Festival, Jan 2016

OFFICIAL SELECTION - BAFTA Recognised - Aesthetica Short Film Festival, Nov 2016 - Nominated for Best Thriller

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Fan Film Awards, February 2019 - Nominated for Best Screenplay

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Royal Wolf Film Awards, July 2018

*WINNER* - Best Short Film (Drama)

*WINNER* - Best Director

OFFICIAL SELECTION - UK Web Fest, October 2018 

*WINNER* - Best UK Series - Dreaming Whilst Black

OFFICIAL SELECTION - East End Film Festival, July 2015 - Nominated for Best UK Short Film

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Fan Fiction Festival, August 2017 

*WINNER* - Best short screenplay

OFFICIAL SELECTION -  Cary Grant Film Festival, Bristol, Oct 2014

*WINNER* - Cary Grant Film Challenge

OFFICIAL SELECTION - CineMe, Bristol, March 2016, 2018

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Bristol Film Festival, March 2016

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Bath Film Festival, Dec 2015

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Swindon Independent Film Festival, April 2018

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Beer Town Film Festival, May 2018

OFFICIAL SELECTION - MCM Comic Con Film Race, London, 2016, 2017 - Finalists in 2016 & 2017 competitions